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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Where oh where have I been???

well... I've been rather busy of late, no excuse, just reality. here's the capsulated version...

We moved to Indian (from Michigan) on March 24th.
We spent two days unpacking the U-haul (thanks to my daughter for helping us move!!!)
We have had a great time exploring our new surroundings.
Rick started work on March 27th down here... he loves it, though he is working a lot!!!
I, on the other hand, did NOT start work down here right away. I went to a CNA school, took a 3 week course and am now working in a neighborhood nursing home. This is for me to gain much needed "on the job" experience, more-so than the money which isn't great, that I will need when I start nursing school down here... when will that be you ask? (I know you would have asked) hopefully this fall. The course is a year long and then I'm DONE!!!
I'm working midnights, which is a very strange adjustment for me... I have managed (so far) to stay awake - it's actually quite busy... apparently old people need to pee a lot during the night :)
We got married on May 8th... Rick was so adorable... he was actually smiling the whole day, even through the ceremony... he could not stop grinning... I was all like... "dude... you're gonna hurt yourself..." we recited vows and everything and I SWEAR I didn't say "obey" but he insists that I did... WHATEVA!!! :)

Not much else to update ya'll on... once I get my training over, I should be able to post more often as I'll have a normal schedule.

Oh... I do have a myspace account if anyone is interested... just go to, search under the email address and you'll find me. (If I send you the link, they spend countless hours trying to get you to sign up before they let you in)

Well.. guess that's about it... I'm out of here for now... need a nap before going to work.

Later dudes and dudettes :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

bye... for now

My last day at work is tomorrow (Friday the 17th) and I'll be departing sometime around the noon hour. I will be off work for one week, at home, packing and getting ready for the move and I will not be blogging (or responding to any of your blogs). We are moving next Friday but won't have cable until the following Monday so... my earliest guess is that I might be back in a couple weeks or so... just not as often.

you've all been fun to hang with and hopefully won't forget me.

I'll also post some pictures as soon as I get settled... not that they will be anything spectacular but because I'm gonna be bored out of my friggin mind and I'll need something to occupy myself!!!

oh.. we're still homeless, but hopefully we will secure an apartment this weekend on our visit... if not... look for us on CNN, living in our U-Store 8x10 storage unit!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

damn mexican food does it again...

Dammit... when I ask for mild tacos... I WANT MILD TACOS!!!

Here's an article from

Police: Customer flew into rage over hot sauce
One customer's fiery reaction to an unwanted condiment in his food was all for naught.

The man vandalized the restroom of a local Mexican restaurant in Council Bluff, Iowa, because he thought the employees had put hot sauce in his tacos. But the restaurant, Taco John's, does not put hot sauce directly on its food.

According to Keith Mehlin, a spokesperson for the Council Bluff Police Department, the unidentified man and a friend ordered tacos from the restaurant's drive-through window at about 8:00 p.m. on Feb. 17.

Minutes after parking their vehicle in the establishment's parking lot, one of the men walked into the restaurant to complain about finding hot sauce in his meal.

The employees reportedly told the man that the restaurant only provided hot sauce on the side, not on the food. The man then entered the men's restroom and damaged the back portion of the toilet. It is unclear if a weapon was used.

The man is described as a white male in his 30s, six feet tall, with blond facial hair, and was seen driving a red 1994 GMC Jimmy.

now... I'm sure some of you have "torn up" a toilet or two after some awesome Mexican food... but this guy takes the prize!!!

apartment searching...

Okay, so like... looking for an apartment that is 400 miles away is, surprisingly, very difficult!!!

Everyone is like... "send me the $25.00 application fee and I'll process your application..."


ugh... woe is me...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

it's all unravelling...

Okay, so how does that saying go... "best made plans..." blah blah blah...

yeah, well, so our best made plans are slowly falling apart. Our Michigan (current) house did not appraise for what we needed it to appraise for in order for my daughter to get a loan for the amount we need to buy the Indiana house. Apparently the mortgage company is trying some tricky number working but, honestly, he'd have to be a friggin magician at this point. Apparently, with the housing market the way it is, our current house has LOST $13,000.00 in equity value... THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. That means that the loan my daughter gets can't be over what the house appraised for... that means we'd have to lower the price AGAIN and she'd basically be paying off my curretn mortgage and we'd net about $5000.00... well boys and girls... that's about $10,000.00 short of what we need to close in Indiana!!!

Yes, we are still moving (sort of have to at this point) to Indiana but looks like we will be apartment dwellers... which means... no doggy.

I called the vet today to discuss options (putting him to sleep options) and have a meeting with him tonight at 4:30 - assuming I can pull the meeting off without blubbering like an idiot... she said in the mean time she will try and contact some resources to see about fostering him out - although she admits that an 8 year old Rott is difficult, if not impossible, to place... but at least she's trying to help... and she's the FIRST person that's actually said they would try to help... so for that I'm greatful (even if it doesn't work out and he has to be put to sleep - she tried, I tried, Rick tried... we all tried)

Our biggest concern (other than the dog) is getting out of the contract in Indiana. We did leave ourselves an "out" in that if we didn't sell our Michigan house we couldn't close on the Indiana house, plus we had in there that if the flood insurance was more than $300.00 we woouldn't take it, and it's $800.00... but, unfortunately, we already told OUR agent that was okay, but we didn't sign anything saying it was okay so hopefully we aren't gonna get our asses SUED over this...

So... I'm sitting here at work... crying on and off and trying to keep my back to everyone so they can't see me... in about 30 minutes the dimwit person who is replacing me will be here to sit next to me and tell me how she is so not catching on... I don't know that I can take it without bitchslapping her...

the stress in my life right now is so incredible... my heart rate is up almost the entire day, my blood pressure is up, I am not sleeping (I've been up today since 2:45am) and I'm crying every other minute...

Is this what's it's like to have a nervous breakdown???

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

where have all the cowboys gone???

and by "cowboys" I mean the blogs that I read (and often comment on) regularly... they've all DIS-CA-PEERED!!! I'm finding that blog withdrawl is a real problem for me... I've been blogging less and less since the "move south" issue has come up (I'm not at work as often, I'm approaching finals at school and I have something to do every single day as far as selling the house goes... so I'm swamped) but I've almost always had time to pop in on Mexi, Phelps, UNLV, etc... (and the others) and read something somewhat interresting and leave (at least) a one-liner response but all of a sudden... they are no longer there!!! when I try to reach the site, I get an error message that the site no longer exists... HUH??? am I going to have to go to Leroy's in Lansing and hunt for mexicans just to find out what happened???

Thank GOODNESS for HMT, Jenn and Brainiax (and others) for continuing to keep me entertained and give me something to do when I find myself bored out of my cotton-pickin' mind!!! (my mind does not actually pick cotton... but you get the point).

Here's hoping that the others return soon... if not I'll be forced to find others to pester and, frankly, I just didn't want to invest that much energy into it...

oh well...

Monday, March 06, 2006

status on the house

Okay... so here is where my move stands...

A-lo (my oldest daughter) couldn't afford the house on her own salary (she is buying my house) and she can't use her fiance's income as his credit sucks big weenies. We lowered the sale price by $5000.00 so that she could afford it but now we are sweating bullets to see if we will still have enough cash to close on our house and buy all the new and shiny stuff we are going to need (washer/dryer, sofa, entertainment center, etc...) and pay for the move (about a grand) and still allow me the luxury of taking my time looking for a job. things don't look good, but apparently it looks like we will, at least, sell the house up here, which is a start.

The appraiser came out on Saturday and spent about 3 minutes looking over the house, he said that we should not have a problem getting it to appraise for what we "need" it to appraise for... we are giving A-lo a "gift of equity" which is helping her to qualify for the loan so it has to appraise for a certain dollar amount or above... the guy was very nice and had I not been completely in love with Richard I would have totally hit on him... no... really... but, alas, I could not use my womanly charms (and talents) to help me out with the appraisal... so... instead... I used sports :)

'dat's right... I'm 'da man!!! (or the WOman) he asked where we were moving, I say... "Indiana"... he say's... "Hoosier"... I say NO WAY!!! noticing he has a Michigan Wolverine jacket on, I go off on how there's no way I'd ever convert from Wolverine fan to Hoosier fan... we discuss Bobby Knight, I explain that while I believe he is a college basketball coach genius (yeah right) that I don't appreciate his anger management issues and that, as a mother, I can't condone his maltreatment of his players... blah blah blah b.s., he was impressed... so much so that he almost forgot he had to do a walk-through the house!!! so... he took one measurement, walked upstairs, downstairs, looked at the electrical box, said everything looks good and 2 minutes later was pulling out of the driveway. Apparently everything looked good, or, I confused him with sports talk :) either way, as long as he puts that dollar figure down on that piece of paper, I've done my job!!! :)

so... now we just have to figure out how to make the Indiana house sale happen still... with $5000.00 less, that's a big chunck of money, we're flippin' numbers around to see if we can make it happen still... if not, we are going to have to find a freakin' apartment and QUICK!!! of course, if we get an apartment, we can't keep the dog and that would probably be the last straw and everyone around me would see what small thread of sanity that I'm still holding onto... break...

so... that's where I stand... I haven't slept well in weeks, I can't eat (I've lost 18 pounds - which sounds cool and all, except that my point is that it will just make it easier to fit me in the casket!!!) I'm smoking like a fiend!!! no... really... I'm up from one cigarette a day to about a 1/2 pack a day!!! my acid reflux is in full swing, my ulcer is surely bleeding (no... not really).

but... everything will be okay right? I mean... if it's meant to be it will be... that's my philosophy... I've done what I can to make it happen... the rest is up to the gods... (or something like that)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How I feel...